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Pastors Mike and Stephanie Sharp

HCC Fellowship Gathering - May, 2013
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From the Heart
March, 2014

In the proving of our faith through various trials (James 1: 2,3) the mercy in which we believe is revealed to the people around us when our "works" are an expression of our faith. Our faith in the mercy of God, which is expressed through the death of His Son, is the evidence of the mercy not being observed with the eyes of fallen man. When we fail to respond in mercy, having compassion with a real and tangible endeavor to bring relief to a persons' pain or suffering, our faith is dead and lacks the ability to bring life to our fellow man.

James 2:20 LITV

Song from Pioneer Club Musical

Good News Club

Harvest Christian Center sponsors a Good News Club at West Street School Tuesday's from 2:30 - 4:00, when school is in session.

Club activities include Bible lessons, singing, crafts, activities and snacks. Registration forms are available in the school office or from HCC.

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